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Col. 001

"fall forward"

Creative Director —  Wow Khoman

Photographer —  Cody Lidtke


The idea behind our first collection is driven by the transitional stage between finishing school and entering adult life. This period, more than ever, has received significant attention through media, light-heartedly relishing the contradictions, pressures, and occasional downfall faced by this generation as it comes to terms with the transformation. The season of fall is interpreted to embody this essence with cascading golden leaves, showing the embrace of the moment as opposed to the worry of the change in seasons. Scholastic motifs are interspersed, acting as remnants of school life, but are quickly casted away with the lure of adult freedom.

There is an over-arching introspective sense of nostalgia contrasted by relief and effervescence. As much as the collection captures the casual rebellion of the generation, in many ways, it does not care to be valiant or purposeful. It, instead, speaks of the personal relationship between what is taught, what is believed in, and what is the natural state to which one relinquishes oneself.

In deconstructing what is deemed to be wrong, the narrative reconstructs itself without the burden of seriousness and instead adopts a spirit of buoyancy in accepting the passing of time and a newfound autonomy.