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Khoman Room is a contemporary streetwear brand based in New York City. We offer premium staple and statement garments for men and women. With meticulous attention to design and a focus on putting art the forefront, we work collaboratively with artists, creating fashion that goes beyond clothing.


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Khoman Room is a men’s lifestyle brand for contemporary streetwear based in NYC. With high quality materials and unique designs, our products bridge the gap in men’s fashion, going beyond the basics and uniform of current designer and contemporary streetwear. We strive to create a complete experience combining comfort and high fashion.


Wow Khoman attended the Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in Apparel Design.

The core of the brand speaks to her background as a creator. Every garment is meticulously designed in terms of looks and function with artworks made specifically for each collection at the forefront. In the process, she has developed the brand into a community, bringing together creatives from many different fields and disciplines. Khoman Room is today’s culture and its people coming together through art, design, language, humour, and fashion.