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Nirvana Thai Tee
Nirvana Thai Tee
Nirvana Thai Tee
Nirvana Thai Tee

Nirvana Thai Tee


It's OK, the first part is in Thai. It just says "Khoman." This is a special version of the "Thai Tee" with white embroidery on a black/beige background.

  • Each garment is individually bleached by hand. Variations occur as a natural part of the process.

  • 100% Cotton.

  • Model is wearing size M.

Please note, this item may take 1-2 days to ship out.

Size Guide



If You’re Iffy, Get A String & A Ruler

Assuming a measuring tape is not something in your house, a string and ten seconds will ease your worry—let’s get to know your body in three measurement points. Mark with a pen or tie a knot. Don’t pull too tightly! Then measure the points with the ruler.

horizontal & around:
1. Waist—smallest part of the torso. Feels like a notch just above the hips.
2. Thigh—widest part for those who don’t skimp out on leg day.

1. Inseam—get near the goods and go straight down the inner thigh to the bottom of the ankle bone.


Round up if uncertain—a good belt really completes the look. Be sure to visit a local tailor to personalize from something as simple as length to fine-tuning the fit.
Compare your numbers below to find the best size and length for you:


Nirvana Thai Tee

Nirvana Thai Tee