Vandal: Kim Hu AKA Hu Dat

Partying with Hu Dat

Brooklyn Based DJ and Event Organizer

Text: Hugo Rubin
Video: Kate Kim

We followed Kim to Kinfolk 94, a hip lifestyle brand's (Kinfolk) nightspot alter-ego, where she was running an event for the night for a glimpse into her life and how she expresses herself.  We also took some time to learn about Kim's inspirations, likes, and dislikes about the hip hop party scene. 

Even before Kim started organizing events professionally, she always seemed to find herself being the host. Always providing the background music, and receiving compliments for it, Kim started to notice her ability and decided to pursue it in 2013. The first house she brought down? The Delta Chi Fraternity House at Cornell University. 

Having had her tables stolen just a few weeks after her first event, Kim is no stranger to setbacks. She draws inspiration from other powerful DJs, like fellow female asian DJ Tokimonsta. Who recently recovered from a severe brain surgery to come back and release an album as well as go on tour.

What was your most memorable event and why?

I have a lot of memorable events haha almost every single one is pretty memorable. Two of the most surreal experiences for me was DJing Princess Nokia’s sold out show in Brooklyn and DJing Blocboy JB’s first headlining NY show (shout out to Rogue Agency and Electric Circus). Those were extra memorable to me because I love and support both these artists heavily and to get the opportunity to be on stage and vibe with them is a blessing.

What are some of your most memorable projects? Collaborations?

I love collaborating with my friends. I started with my friends Zach, Rebecca, and Dez and we use to throw these weird parties called Daddy Issues at this space in Brooklyn called Kinfolk; they would be so chaotic yet so much fun. Then I started collaborating with my other friends Taylor Khoi (who runs her own modeling agency) , Dylanthegyspy, Chiinky, and Laina (Mister Vacation) and those have all been super successful parties. As long as I am creating fun memories with my homies I’ll always continue throwing events with them.

Any tips for struggling DJ’s out there or anyone that wants to get involved?

My best advice to you is to really go out there and mingle in the scene. You won’t get booked to DJ if you not in the scene or know people from nightlife. And the key is to move organically, never force a situation. Nothing wrong with starting small and DJing at your local bars then working your way towards more and better gigs.


"Nothing wrong with starting small"




What up? I’m Kim or Hu Dat. I DJ and organize events. My favorite part of throwing events is that I can book dope girl DJ’s because they deserve more exposure and respect in the industry. The main reason that I really stuck with it besides it being fun is that I do get messages from people saying like, “Hey I love that you’re a female DJ. I love that you’re female doing all these hip hop events like representing for us.”

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