Vandal: Clem Lee

Getting in the zone with Clem Lee

Brooklyn Based Producer/DJ and Founder of OKNF Collective (Only Killers, No Fillers)

Text: Spencer Ahn
Video: Kate Kim

We met up with Clem at Key + Needle studios in Brooklyn to chat about his journey into the underground music scene, how he started his own music label and the latest capsule collaboration from OKNF and KR.

Clem started his music career as he became active as a DJ in college. After graduating, Clem wanted to take a more serious roll. Through struggling to find a community, Clem started OKNF Collective (Only Killers, No Fillers). This gave him the means to connect, collaborate, and critique with other producers around the world.  

OKNF, is now a platform that represents over 210 music producers in the United States, and mainly Brazil. With a group of creatives, who are talented in various ways, such as graphic design, videography, etc., OKNF, is truly a community that is able to run themselves through the help of each other. Clem is proud to say that OKNF has helped producers to become discovered, and even signed with big record labels. Clem’s hope is that within a couple of years, he will be able to host his own music festivals, booking with artists, exclusive to OKNF.


Hi, my name is Clem, I’m a music producer and also the founder of OKNF collective. I created OKNF collective to be a place for artists to connect, collaborate and critique each other. It's hard as a producer to find your people. Since we’ve started 3 years ago, we've grown to over 210 members around the world. In 10 years, I would like to host my own my music festival, booking only OKNF artists, I think that would be awesome.

OKNF x KR Capsule Collection

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