Teaser: Interview with Wow Khoman

Here's an exclusive teaser for an upcoming interview with Wow Khoman, the Founder of Khoman Room, where she discusses what it's like to be a designer first and business person second, what she sees as the future of fashion, and how Khoman Room is taking steps towards that.

(Credits  —  Video: Patrick Chen,  Set Assistant: Karen Park)

Wow Khoman started Khoman Room a little more than a year ago when she was still fresh out of college. She saw a chance to apply her knowledge as a designer to create clothing that provided more than just quality materials and tailored fits. With her team of other young creatives, she took a hands on approach to creating, injecting and showcasing art and design in every aspect of Khoman Room.

In this segment Wow goes into the brand's process and what it embodies for her. She brings up the question of what menswear and streetwear is and how, at the end of the day, maybe it's all about how we perceive and experience our clothing. 



You can try to ram it in, but it always misses that final step, which is necessary. It's that, when you have this, how can you make it better? How can you fix it and improve upon it?

And I feel that Khoman Room somehow embodies that for me. Whether it's in the smallest details of like ok, this garment is going to change someone's life. It's going to last better, it's going to fit their lifestyle better. It has the functions, it's got the pockets, it's got the little bit of intrigue. It's got something that looks different. 

As much as we are a menswear brand and we're a streetwear brand, our products don't look like anything else that's out there, I'd like to think. It doesn't look necessarily like streetwear, but it is. It is menswear, but it's only menswear, a little bit because of the fit, and not much else.



Keep an eye out for the full length interview to hear more from Wow Khoman.