and the Manifestation of Over-Size

by Fernando Flaquer


Writer's intro

“I originally began writing this with the intention of shedding some light onto the idea of wearing over-sized clothing and clothing that is too large. I am 5 feet 6 inches, weigh about 130 lbs. My ‘actual’ sizes are medium in tops and outerwear and 30” waists. But I prefer to wear size large and an upwards of up to 36” waist with a belt. My ideology is that I can always a tailor a garment that is too big, but something that is too small is just too uncomfortable and often ends up breaking or tearing. I have written this manifesto of Trendy vs Stylish, but as a creative and artist I will not spell out for you what that means in direct relation to my consumption of clothing that is over-sized. Or how it effects my taste and aesthetics. By providing you with this list I hope to give you an insight into a way of thinking and consuming fashion so that it may guide you to understand and find your own style. I don’t attribute myself to one style, which is why this was not a manifesto on oversize clothing but a manifesto of the counterculture against trends.”


10 Base Principles of Menswear Fashion

  • Take everything you know about style and throw it out of the window
  • There is gold hidden in every store front no matter how big or small
  • Human’s bodies are not uniform therefore sizing is not uniform
  • Fit is subjective to the times and fashion trends that define this are cyclical
  • Utility triumphs over aesthetics in menswear
  • The cult of fashion is a cult of cliched imagery
  • There is no such thing as originality, only the appropriation of appropriation
  • Construction is Objectivity
  • Comfort transcends the clothing
  • Longevity matter

"What good is an outfit if you're not comfortable?"

comfort first. style second.

Buying clothes and being hip to fashion doesn’t have to be as hard as people make it. I say down with the stigma of those who follow fashion. Down to those who follow fashion as if it were religion and they were the most devout christian in a murderous occult. Fashion is no longer about draping yourself in the best designer clothes you can imagine. It is not about fitting into a lifestyle a brand markets towards you. Even though these brands spend thousands if not millions on campaigns to make you feel like you fit in.

Fast fashion has become far too unethical for the support from a decent human being & the world of luxury labels is far from reach for the common man. You don’t have to be on vogue following the latest celebrity outfits everyday to know what you like and to follow your heart. What is most important about fashion and style is being yourself and there is nothing more irksome than someone coming in and telling you how to dress and style yourself properly as if there is a formulaic way to look.

There is no doubt that the relationship between humans and the clothes we ornament ourselves in have a long and layered history. And throughout the decades there are classic styles that emerge as the classic look everyone sought after. The clothes we wear can say more about us than our own words can. In a world where fashion moves at the speed of light compared to all other industries a lot of things are lost in translation from season to season.

How can someone who takes so much happiness and pride in the pursuit of the appreciation of clothing (like myself) make the average person (the common man) understand what it is like to view, shop and criticize fashion?

Trendy v.s. Stylish

A lot of people seem to think “trendy” is synonymous with “stylish” but they are not. Trendiness is the ability to keep up with pop culture and the zeitgeist. It is amazing how as an app like Instagram can show you the exact content you want on your Discover feed. Now it is breeding a herd of trendy sheep who line up for supreme and sell out the Kylie Jenner makeup kit. Your average trendy person can be known to be sharing the latest memes while simultaneously also shopping for the latest trends on Instagram. Those who are trendy bend at the will of the industry and consume fashion in unethical amounts.

Someone who is stylish does not necessarily dress well by fashion forward standards. They are stylish because of the comfort they portray in the things they have chosen to wear. Everyday we wake up and chose who we want to be when we assemble our outfits. The most stylish people wake up and chose to be themselves, and inspire others to do the same. What makes them stylish is the easiness and comfort of their outfit. Trends are inspired by the stylish who wake up and do what pleases them. Comfort is essential because then clothing become secondary to your image and personality. It only accentuates a personality. Someone who is trendy is trying to fill a void through the over consumption of trendy clothes in an attempt to fit a categorial style the industry has made for them.

To truly understand fashion one must understand what is like to be comfortable in your own shoes. Once you understand what makes you happy, you can begin to empathize with others and understand what makes them happy and what characteristics in garments are the most enjoyable.

How can someone who takes so much happiness and pride in the pursuit of the appreciation of clothing (like myself) make the average person (the common man) understand what it is like to view, shop and criticize fashion?

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    Fernando Flaquer, 21, is from Providence, RI where he is currently studying Apparel Design and Sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

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