Vandal: Orrin Campbell

We first met Orrin Campbell a little over a year ago when he joined the Khoman Room team as a business/marketing intern. A year later he became our Marketing Manager who also put together and headlined our first collection launch.

Khoman Room aside, Orrin is one seriously multi-talented superstar who's changing the game with his art, music, lyrics, and style. And always, Orrin delivers substance. This 22 year old recent grad from NYU Stern is breaking down barriers 24/7, creating a world for himself with a welcome sign to everyone that says "just do what you want." 

A while back, we asked him this question: What is your core aspiration when you think of making an impact in the future?

His answer...

To inspire people.

We certainly think he does. I mean, this is the chillest, most down to earth guy you'll ever meet and there's never a moment lost or wasted, because he's not just #makingmoves, he's making something and always making this and that and you and him better with every second that passes. Pretty damn inspirational. 


I got a final paper later today. Rockstar lifestyle.

I don’t think we’re alone. I do think there’s something bigger than us. Are ghosts real? I mean, like I guess, right?

Social media’s weird ‘cause it’s like this machine that everybody’s a part of. Like, you know, everybody makes fun of Instagram culture, but then like they’re also a part of it. It all depends on how you use it. I think for most people social media helps, you know, like I have a group of people that I can reach through social media that I can’t through my music. It helps to like spread your message. But I just say don’t get consumed and lost in it. There’s no pressure to post, there’s no pressure to delete anything or like anything. Just do what you want.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things. Like the first thing that comes to mind right now is I once traveled with my friends from London and we went to Barcelona. Two girls like gave us molly and we were on the beach watching the sunrise and it was just pink and bright and shining in the sky and we were on this playground. Those are the types of things that we live for like work to be able to say that we’ve done. So that was a blessing.

I also want people to feel good listening to my music. I want people to have fun. Like giving people those types of connections is something that musicians should aim to do. Whatever that connection may be.

There are just things that we can’t explain so there’s definitely SOMETHING. It’s just a matter of what, you know. And that’s what living is. You like try to figure out what that “what” is for you and how that works.

So Orrin for Khoman Room, we’re outta here.

Some wise words to live by:

We are supposed to appreciate the journey so while I look forward to the downward slope, I am trying to learn as much as I can right now to prepare me for the next step.
— Orrin Campbell

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