"Music I listened to when I was 19 & alone in my room" [LIST SERIES .002]


Our DJ's and Vandals create mixtapes TO encapsulate THEIR IDEA OF A "room", so you can BE there, too.

by Karen Park

Welcome to my emo 19-year-old’s bedroom of dying flowers in empty wine bottles.
I’d cry to Björk while reading Murakami novels
by the soft light of my Muji diffuser.

Then, I sort of fell in love.
For a while, I only listened to Little Dragon and Kim Jung Mi.

This playlist is for lonely subway rides to Coney Island...
and other dramatic self-isolating acts.
— Sophie Imamura


Khoman RoomTape .002: 

"Music I listened to when I was 19 & alone in my Room" 

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About Sophie:

Self-claimed Creative Director,
English/Design student, and a goth Art Teacher.


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    Karen Park, 24, was born and raised in Seoul during her childhood. She then spent 16 years in New York, where she graduated from Cornell University in 2016 with a B.S. in InfoTech Communications with concentrations in Business and Fine Arts.

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