COMMON 2 KHOMAN : Denim Tuxe 2.0


Wow Khoman, Founder of Khoman Room, elevates a common denim tuxe by mixing in key Khoman pieces.

by Karen Park

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            America's greatest national treasure:                  Britney Spears & JT, circa 2001.

            America's greatest national treasure:
                 Britney Spears & JT, circa 2001.


Common Look: ....Ballin' in Blue?

Pun was intended, and we're talking denim.

This iconic blue man pair taught us 99+ lessons on (what not to do when) stuntin' a head-to-toe denim tuxe, 
as seen by the blue wave that splashed runways and streets.

Whether or not the inspo came from Britney & JT, designers like Vetements, Off-White, and Balenciaga,
resurged the classic Levi this year with denim-on-denim reconstruction and coordination done right.




Khoman Look: Denim Tuxe 2.0

To elevate the common denim fit into a Khoman look, Wow plays around with proportion, texture, wash, and detail to give dimension to a simple outfit of staple Khoman Room pieces.


ISSA Vibe:

    Comfortable, casual, while still looking like she gave a sh!t. 


    Spring / Fall



   Coat: Proportion, Texture, Detail, Wash- this denim overcoat's got you.
   Key features:
      - Long lapels
      - Blue overwash (in a shade that's lighter than the pants)
      - White double stitching
      - Heavy fraying only at the edges


   Top: Custom screen printed tee, featuring the classic Khoman Room logo.
   Gotta have a bitchin' graphic tee to break up all the blue, amirite?
       Tip: In the chance you run into an ex or a potential date & don't want to
       physically imply your mid-life crisis this morning?
Skip the Slayer Tee and chuck
       on a white or black shirt with a clean graphic.






Bottoms: Our Pascal Jeans, man.
Key features:
       - Embroidered pair hands passin' sh!t from the left front pocket to the right
       - Embroidered dotwork on the inner front pocket
       - Select indigo dyed denim from North Carolina
       - Re-styled back pockets for a much more flattering fit.

...basically, the only pair of jeans you'll ever need.


Shoes: Black boots
Tip: Seriously, don't complicate things. 


Get the Khoman look: Available products

"Grandpa Tee"
"Pascal" Jeans

(While the Khoman Room Logo Tee is unavailable, our Thanat & Journalist
Tee, featuring a distinguishable screen printed graphic, will do the trick.)


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